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Go away I need you

Go Away, I Need You – Connection, Complexity and Overwhelm

When we are overwhelmed, connection and social engagement can be really helpful.  However, connecting can also feel like one more complicated thing to navigate, one more overwhelming set of demands. Attachment trauma, in particular, complicates any choice to connect, especially when we are close to feeling overwhelmed or helpless. Were you ever overwhelmed as a

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BCR Practice Can be Very Short

One Minute, Huge Impact – BCR Practice Can be Very Short

We know that taking 15 minutes to prepare for an hour-long task doesn’t seem appealing. And that a chaotic day of parenting, work, and navigating global news does not leave much bandwidth for pausing to do a practice.  Time is precious and we want you to make the most of it.      Feeling better, or feeling

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Why embodiment is important

Why Does Embodiment Matter?

Body Up Co-regulation depends on Embodiment because we do it body-to-body. Regulation from the body up uses the body to influence, and effect change at the nervous system level. The pathway we are exercising is from the body up towards the NS/brainstem and brain. (Primarily the afferent fibers of the vagus nerve.) A simple definition

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Psychedelic Medicine

Co-Regulation and Psychedelics

I am excited about the White Paper in the Journal of Psychedelic Psychiatry (PSIP Model) because I am exploring using co-regulation with the therapeutic use of cannabis and am finding it very productive!

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