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Embodiment, Co-Regulation and Oppression

I developed Body Up! Co-Regulation as a tool to heal trauma, build safe, sturdy relationships and stop oppression. It was sexism I was fighting at first, but the dynamics of oppression are the same for classism, racism, sexism, ablebodiedism… In my thinking, oppression is always rooted in misuse of power in hierarchical relationships. When we

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The Hero Habit Feeds Oppression

In a dysregulated family, the hero saves the day, which often needs saving. The child who takes on this role usually does it at a young age with realistic desperation and a sense of compulsion. They learn to cope with a lot and look like they are handling it fine. The hero role often persists

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Camera Angles for Co-Regulation

The pictures are exaggerated, but they give the feel. What I most want people to learn is how to have collaborative, peer relationships. So, as a co-regulatory therapist, or group leader, I put my computer camera up high enough that I am not looking down on people. If you want to be the authority, look

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Want to get Closer? Get Boundaries!

Lately I have been noticing where I go numb and freeze-y because I do not speak up for myself. And surprise, surprise, my clients are reporting similar issues! The first order of business, in feeling safe in a body on planet earth, is being able to protect ourselves. Once we have handled weather, hunger and

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The Strength of Ending a Therapy Session Well – For Practitioners (therapists, coaches, massage therapists …)

Endings are important. The wrap-up of a therapy session shapes the work of that session, the next session, and the intervening time. Therapy happens before and after, as well as during the session. Effective endings support the client-therapist relationship and the therapeutic process. A well-ended session also sets a client up to meet the demands

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