Life is a Regulation Game.
Watch these videos to learn about your autonomic nervous system: what it does, why it is important and how to regulate yourself and co-regulate with the people around you. 

Life is a Regulation Game: Part One
Watch this to learn more about your autonomic nervous system and the foundational role it plays in your health, your life and your relationships.

Book 3, Threat and Safety, in the Clearing Trauma Series explains more about trauma and the 3-Layer Autonomic Nervous System.

Life is a Regulation Game: Part Two
Watch this for solo and co-regulation strategies.

Life is a Regulation Game: Part Three
Body Up! Co-Regulation is an effective way to shift out of triggered threat responses. Watch this to learn more about triggers and dysregulation. In the Body Up! Co-Regulation Handbook you can learn about your window of presence which allows you to notice the first signs of dysregulation or threat response and re-regulate right away.  Body Up! Co-Regulation is an efficient way to do this.


Decades of work with trauma clients has taught me volumes about how the human nervous system functions and heals. If you want to understand a system, stress it and observe how it falls apart and what pulls it back together. For the human nervous system, trauma is the stressor. Integration, connection, and relationships are the healers.

Co-Regulation means two or more people supporting each other in regulating together. There is nothing like a good friend to get you going when you are stuck or calm you down when you are upset. Co-Regulation is an efficient shortcut to a healthy resilient, nervous system, but because we don’t have familiar language for it, we often miss out on its benefits.

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