Body Up!: A Co-Regulation Handbook


Nourish your nervous system and your relationships with Body Up! Co-Regulation.


So many of us are lonely or hungry for safe touch. How do we shift this painful reality?

This ground breaking book introduces Body Up! Co-Regulation which offers tools to cultivate embodiment and connection in a safe and engaging way. Life is a regulation game. We need to be able to calm down to sleep, rev up to work and play, and attune to others for successful relationships.  Dysregulation wastes a lot of time and energy. It makes us tired, sick, ornery and stupid. It wears us out, body and soul. 

What is co-regulation and how to use it for yourself and in your practice:

  • 4 Skills for embodiment in relational space.
  • 3 Kinds of co-regulation: down-regulation, up-regulation, regulation for social engagement.
  • An integrated set of practices for assessing and building body up co-regulation skills.
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic practices to better assess your clients for embodiment in relational space.
  • Help your people harness the somatic elements of attunement to build sturdy, attuned relationships.
  • Identify physical, emotional and mental indicators of dysregulation (triggers) in yourself and others.
  • Catch dysregulation early while you still have enough oxygen in your brain to do something about it.

Now you can learn to regulate yourself while you’re helping others regulate.


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