Polyvagal Co-Regulation

Class Series for Practitioners

For: Teachers, Therapists, Somatic Practitioners, Yoga Teachers, Coaches

 Bring More Co-Regulation into Your Relationships, 

Personal and Professional 

Life Gets Easier When We Co-Regulate

Thursdays: January 26 - April 6, 2023, 7-9pm EST

Limited Enrollment: 8 people

Price: $220 per person for 10 Classes

Prerequisites: By permission.

Expect to practice with a buddy outside of class, online or in-person.

Online with breakout rooms via Zoom

Classes: Jan. 26, Feb 2, 9, 16, 23, March 2, 9, Break, 23, 30, April 6.

We are delighted you are interested in Co-Regulation for Practitioners. We invite students who are practitioners and have completed an 8-week course to build on that material and the co-regulatory environment we created together. 


In this series we focus on bringing these skills into our personal and professional lives even more. Used skillfully, co-regulation is an incredibly powerful tool in therapy. It can give clients a foundational experience of the healthy peer relationships which are essential to us all.


In order to bring BCR into our professional lives, we first ground ourselves in our own capacity for embodiment and peer relating. We will work on how to assess the state of your nervous system and how to choose exercises for yourself and your clients, in the moment.


We will review the Four Skills for Embodiment in relational space, explore up-regulation, down-regulation, and regulation for connection. We will also explore scaffolding strategies, interactive rest and working with shame, attachment, and emotional edges. 


Each class session will include time for co-regulation and learning new practices and concepts. The second half of each class will be rich with addressing participants’ individual situations, challenges and aspirations for personal growth and burn-out prevention. We will include some case supervision; and any issues that arise with bringing co-regulation into your relationships.

“Polyvagal Theory identifies co-regulation as a biological imperative: a need that must be met to sustain life.”

- Deb Dana, author of The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy

What You Can Expect:

Co-regulation expands our capacity to respond to the complexity and intensity of modern life, without getting overwhelmed or burnt out. We practitioners need this resource and so do our clients and students.

Class will be limited to 8 people. We will explore your personal and professional interests, including tailoring the practices for your populations.

You will need internet, a computer or tablet with internet and Zoom downloaded, and a private space with good lighting on your face. 
The bigger the screen the more possibility for co-regulation, no phones.

Beth Dennison

Beth brings 50 years of teaching, psychotherapy, bodywork and study of neuroscience, including Polyvagal theory, to designing learning experiences that rewire our brains for connection and co-regulation. She models the embodiment she teaches. 

Her groundbreaking book on Body Up! Co-Regulation provides a much needed remedy to the disconnection and dysregulation that pervade modern culture. She developed Body Up! Co-Regulation to rewire our nervous systems for peer relationships. We need to trust peer relationships if we are to get off of the hierarchical ladder of oppression.

Classes and Supervision:

Beth’s Body Up! Handbook will anchor and organize your learning. 

This ground breaking book introduces Body Up! Co-Regulation which offers tools to cultivate embodiment and connection in a safe and engaging way. Life is a regulation game. We need to be able to calm down to sleep, rev up to work and play, and attune to others for successful relationships.  Dysregulation wastes a lot of time and energy. It makes us tired, sick, ornery and stupid. It wears us out, body and soul.

Catch dysregulation early while you still have enough oxygen in your brain to do something about it!

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