Polyvagal Co-Regulation for Practitioners – Part 2, Starts January 26, 2023


DATES: Fall Bi-Weekly Class Series – Starts January 26, 2023, Thursdays 7-9 PM (EST)

Please note: These are small, participatory workshops limited to 9 people. They usually fill up and we turn people away. For this reason, refunds are not available. If you need to cancel, with 48-hours notice, we can hold your money for a future workshop. Events are not recorded because it can diminish our sense of safety in showing up authentically.


Before you register, be sure you have taken Part -1 or have permission.

For permission call or text Beth Dennison at 413-313-6192.

What might be possible when we learn to rely on co-regulation and can switch states as needed?

What if we get skilled in healing at our emotional edges?

We will review the Four Skills for Embodiment in relational space, explore up regulation, down regulation and regulation for connection. We will also explore scaffolding strategies, interactive rest and working with shame.

Each class session will include time for co-regulation and learning new practices and concepts. The second half of each class will be rich with addressing participants’ individual situations, challenges and aspirations for personal growth, burn-out prevention; case supervision; and any issues that arise with bringing co-regulation into your personal and professional relationships.

We will connect as a group on Zoom, and also use break out rooms to practice in pairs. You will need internet, a computer or tablet with internet and Zoom downloaded, and a private space. The bigger the screen the more possibility for co-regulation, no phones.


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