BCR Practice Can be Very Short

One Minute, Huge Impact – BCR Practice Can be Very Short

We know that taking 15 minutes to prepare for an hour-long task doesn’t seem appealing. And that a chaotic day of parenting, work, and navigating global news does not leave much bandwidth for pausing to do a practice.  Time is precious and we want you to make the most of it.     

Feeling better, or feeling more can take just a few moments. Shifting nervous system states need not be complicated or time-consuming. 

We’ve described BCR practices as “quick” and “brief” but more specifically, many BCR practices take just 1 or 2 minutes of movement/embodiment practice followed by 1 minute of TALK time. (Try Hands Show Breath or The Co-Regulation Salute).

Of course, there’s the possibility that when you feel connected to someone after one minute of Sitz Bones, you’ll want to practice more. Or that stretching in Partner Stretch will feel so nice you’ll want to take 5 more minutes for it. But it’s not necessary and is completely up to you (and your BCR practice buddy). 

The human nervous system is designed to be responsive and quick. Our survival depends on it. Shifting in and out of aroused states (fight/flight, etc.) and tapping social connection for collaboration and regulation are our evolutionary birthright.         

There are a million and two “self-care” practices out there that only take a minute. You may have some firmly planted in your days and weeks. Some of the other collaborative, social ones I know of are longer hugs and expressions of gratitude and appreciation. BCR co-regulation takes two people willing to deliberately engage for a few moments. It builds healthy relationship skills intentionally even from the initiation with “Would you like to try this with me?”  


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