Embodiment, Co-Regulation and Oppression

I developed Body Up! Co-Regulation as a tool to heal trauma, build safe, sturdy relationships and stop oppression. It was sexism I was fighting at first, but the dynamics of oppression are the same for classism, racism, sexism, ablebodiedism…

In my thinking, oppression is always rooted in misuse of power in hierarchical relationships. When we feel safe in our own skin, we do not need to cling to hierarchical roles or reactive misuses of power – just in order to feel safe.

Hierarchy can be essential. In a storm, I want to be on a ship with a trusty captain and a crew who will follow orders. Once I know I am safe, I want to be able to shift out of hierarchical roles and be good at having collaborative, peer relationships. Body Up! Co-Regulation wires in collaboration and mutual empowerment. This is an important antidote to hierarchy and oppressive dynamics.

Embodiment and Co-Regulation Pave the way to Ending Oppression

Embodiment around others, and Body Up! Co-Regulation train our nervous systems to expect and create safety, connection and resource in peer relationships. Embodiment in collaborative, peer relationships and well regulated nervous systems may not be all we need to end racism and oppression, but they go a long way to diminish white fragility and misuse of power.

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