Camera Angles for Co-Regulation

The pictures are exaggerated, but they give the feel.

What I most want people to learn is how to have collaborative, peer relationships. So, as a co-regulatory therapist, or group leader, I put my computer camera up high enough that I am not looking down on people. If you want to be the authority, look down on people. If you want collaborative, peer relationships, look level. If you want to follow, look up to people. 

Power is expressed in subtle and overt ways, and our nervous system takes immediate note of details like eye contact, posture, positioning and tone of voice.  In therapy and co-regulation environments, in-person and online, we are looking to foster safe, collaborative, non-hierarchical connection.  Camera angle makes a huge difference so adjust it for level relationship. Then you can own your authority when appropriate, but default to a collaborative, peer stance the rest of the time.

Beth Dennison MA in MFT, Co-Regulation Specialist

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