Polyvagal Theory & Co-Regulation

A morning workshop for therapists and practitioners

Beth and Jamila

Saturday, October 14th, 2023

9:30am – 12:30pm EST


Join Beth and fellow practitioners for this experiential workshop on Zoom. Therapists, coaches, teachers and other practitioners are welcome to register.  Learn how polyvagal theory and co-regulation support your purpose as a practitioner, how you can nourish yourself as you nurture others, and avoid burnout.  Building safety efficiently, supporting client agency, and cultivating embodied presence are just a few of the deep benefits of Body Up Co-Regulation. 

  • Learn how to build more authentic, safer rapport in online sessions.
  • Explore easy embodiment practices that can be titrated to suit you and your clients.
  • Enliven your practice with skills for connection on a nervous system level.

Please register soon, as the group size is limited to 7 participants. And, please attend live on zoom – these programs are not recorded.  

Beth Dennison

Beth brings 50 years of teaching, psychotherapy, bodywork and study of neuroscience, including Polyvagal theory, to designing learning experiences that rewire our brains for connection and co-regulation. She models the embodiment she teaches. 

Her groundbreaking book on Body Up! Co-Regulation provides a much needed remedy to the disconnection and dysregulation that pervade modern culture. She developed Body Up! Co-Regulation to rewire our nervous systems for peer relationships. We need to trust peer relationships if we are to get off of the hierarchical ladder of oppression.

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