Fall 2019 Introductory Workshop: September 21

Body Up! Relationship Skills for Well-Being:

Calm down, get going and get connected.

twist down body up so-regulation beth dennison

Time: Saturday, Sept 21, 1-3pm  Price:  $30

Sun Studio, Arts & Industry Building, 221 Pine St. Florence, Ma

To register, email beth.dennison@gmail.com or call Beth at 413-313-6192.

Get a taste of what Body Up! Co-Regulation skills can do for you and your relationships. Make friends with your nervous system. Learn practices you can do with friends, family or clients.

In this two hour workshop you will learn how to:

  •             Shift out of threat responses and stuck places. 
  •             Access new capacity for ease and aliveness.
  •             Ground your relationships in sturdy, embodied engagement.
  •             Connect with others while staying connected with yourself.

Together we will explore how your nervous system behaves around other people. Come expand your skills for embodiment in relational space and practice fun ways to enjoy interactive rest, collaborative stretching and getting energized.

beth dennison embodiment practices for well being
beth dennison body up coregulation arms
back to back embodiement beth dennison
beth dennison body up embodied practices

Body to body co-regulation is essential for healthy relationships.To understand why, take Beth’s Monday evening class starting October 6, 2019.

Come build deep skills for helping others as you nourish yourself.

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