Body Up! Level One Training

A Four Month Journey to Develop Personal and Teaching Skills in Body Up! Co-Regulation
with Beth Dennison, MA in MFT, SEP


  • Get connected and feel connected
  • Re-regulate fast so we can think clearly, make good decisions, and protect our health and relationships
  • Sleep and digest our food better
  • Heal from old trauma
  • Cultivate trust and hope in our relationships
  • Avoid or clear addiction
  • Increase our bandwidth for cooperation
  • End isolation, build co-regulatory relationships


  • Four in-person weekend intensive training sessions
  • One 1-hour private co-regulation session with Beth
  • Three conference calls between training sessions
  • Your copy of the Body Up! Co-Regulation Handbook
  • Snacks during weekend trainings
  • Private Facebook page for support + questions 

Develop Personal Skills:

  • Four skills for embodiment in relational space
  • Up-regulation skills: get going when you want to
  • Down-regulation skills: shift out of anxiety, downshift for sleep 
  • Social engagement skills: bring your best relational self forward
  • Build relationships you can lean on
  • Expand your capacity to handle intensity and complexity 
  • Organize around a less reactive core

Develop Teaching Skills:

  • Demonstrate basic Body Up! Co-Regulation practices
  • Adapt the practices to appeal to others
  • Assess and develop other people’s skills
  • Help others expand their capacity
  • Work effectively with triggers

Training Dates

October 18-20, 2019
November 15-17, 2019
December 13-15, 2019
January 24-26, 2020

Fridays 6-10pm, Saturdays 9:30-6pm with a one hour lunch break, Sundays 9:30-2pm

Cost: $850 includes training over four weekends, four group (90 minute) and two individual (30 minute) coaching calls.

Snacks provided.

How to Apply


Your willingness to commit to the entire training, and to maintain self-responsibility and accountability to the trainer and the training group is essential.

  1. To begin, please email a letter of Intention and Commitment
    (a short statement indicating your intention to fully participate in this training)
    or call me at 413 313 6192.

We want to build a dynamic, supportive, attuned, co-regulatory group. Feel free to share this with people you think will make high quality Body Up! Co-Regulation partners and ambassadors.