Body Up! Co-Regulation Demo Videos

Guidelines for Using the Videos

The online exercises are some of the most powerful, even when you are in-person. These videos for the in-person exercises are just short reminders of what the exercises are about. Be sure to talk with your partner about what you notice in your body after each exploration.

TALK about what you notice in your nervous system is an important part of Body Up! Co-Regulation. Remember to take turns with a leader and a mirror for the practices that involve mirroring. Share what you notice about your nervous system after each turn.

The longer videos give more of a feel for the practices and for the leader and mirror roles.

Body Up! Co-Regulation

Online or In-Person

Sitz Bones Rock
For Getting Embodied and Finding Your Center.
2020                            4:13
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Good and Grumpy and Good
For Giving the Body a Voice and Shifting In and Out of Moods.
2020                            8:09
Good and Grumpy and Good
Hands Show Breath
For Connecting to Self, Other and Breath.
2020                              6:14
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MY Safe Bubble
Want to get close? Get Boundaries.
2020                             13:32 
My Safe Bubble
Partner Stretches
Stretch and Get Embodied With Another Person.
2020                             3:33 
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Pick Me Up and Hug
Get connected. Reach for help connection or intimacy.
2021                            12:51 
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Pinky Paws 
Take in love and nurturing. Connect to self and other at the same time.
2021                             8:05 
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Prayer Sweep
Calm your Nervous System and Invite Heart Connection
2020                    5:20 
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Up And Down With the Voice
For Giving the Body a Voice and Shifting In and Out of Moods
2020                    10:14 
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Body Up! Co-Regulation

Simple, Calming, In-Person Practices

Arm Hang
Calm Down, Get Connected and Build Capacity
2017                     1:23
Back To Back Sitting
Calm Down and Connect By Leaning on a Partner  2017         0:59 
Ribs To Ribs
Calm Down and Connect By Tracking Breathing in Both Bodies 2017         0:42 
Ships Hug and Co-Let-Go
A More Intimate Way to Connect, Calm Down, Cut Shame and Belong 2017                    0:49

Body Up! Co-Regulation

More Complex and Energizing 

In-Person Practices

Git Outta My Space and GRRR! are demanding and up regulatory. Push Pull Stretches demand a lot of bandwidth to track complex connection and action for both people.
Push Pull Stretches
Build Your Capacity for Complexity in Connection   2017       0:56
Git Outta My Space!
Use Your Boundary Muscles and Stay Connected
2017                    5:20 
Hands Grasp and GRRR!
Spill or Build Energy, Give the Body a Voice
2017                    5:20 

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