Video Library

Video Library

The library is organized in four categories:

1. Digital lectures on understanding and regulating your nervous system

2. Demo videos for online or in-person practices

3. Demo videos for simple in person practices and

4. Demo videos for more complex in-person practices.

1. Understanding Co-Regulation

and Your Nervous System

An Interview and 4 digital Lectures
Interview on Co-Regulation
What It Is and How It Works 
Beth Dennison & Mira Malcolm 2020               6:38 
Introduction to Co-Regulation
How We Develop Regulation Skills
Self Regulation and Co-Regulation 2017           15:57
Life is a Regulation Game: Part 1
So Cooperate With Your 3-Layer Autonomic Nervous System  2017               7:20
Link to Handout 1
Life is a Regulation Game: Part 2
Shifting Out of Threat Responses   2017                         12:59

Link to Handout 2 

Life is a Regulation Game: Part 3
Triggers and Dysregulation
2017                       12:00 
Link to Handout 3

Quick Links for Demo Videos:

2. Body Up! Co-Regulation Practices

Online or In-Person

Sitz Bones Rock
For Getting Embodied and Finding Center
2020                        4:13
Link to Print Instructions
Hands Show Breath
For Connecting to Self, Other and Breath
2020                        6:14
Link to Print Instructions
Partner Stretches
Stretch and Get Embodied With Another Person
2020                3:33 
Link to Print Instructions
My Safe Bubble

Explore boundaries for feeling safe in our own skin around  others.  2020                    13:33 Link to Print Instructions

Prayer Sweep
Calm your Nervous System and Invite Heart Connection
2020                    5:20 
Link to Print Instructions
The Fan
Get Connected, Give the Body a Voice and Boundaries 2017            1:21
Link to Print Instructions
Chicken Wings
Breathe, Move and up regulate! Build capacity.
2020                             3:33 
Link to Print Instructions

Body Up! Co-Regulation In-Person Practices

3. Simple, Calming, In-Person Practices

Arm Hang
Calm Down, Get Connected and Build Capacity
2017                     1:23
Back To Back Sitting
Calm Down, Drop In and Connect By Leaning on a Partner  2017             0:59 
Ribs To Ribs
Calm Down and Connect By Tracking Breathing in Both Bodies 2017         0:42 
Ships Hug and Co-Let-Go
A More Intimate Way to Connect, Calm Down, Cut Shame and Belong 2017                    0:49

4. More Complex and Energizing 

In-Person Practices

Git Outta My Space and GRRR! are demanding and up Regulatory. Push Pull Stretches demand a lot of bandwidth to track complex connection and action for both people.
Push Pull Stretches
Build Your Capacity for Complexity in Connection   2017       0:56
Git Outta My Space!
Use Your Boundary Muscles and Stay Connected
2017                    0:45 
Hands Grasp and GRRR!
Spill or Build Energy, Give the Body a Voice
2017                    0:58 

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