Want a safe way to invite Embodiment from the start?

Safety, Hope and Agency In Therapy

Structures to Build Safety, Trust, Embodied Relating and Client Empowerment,
Online or In-person

An Online Workshop for Practitioners:
Fall dates TBD

Price: $45

Safety, Hope and Empowerment

Beginnings and endings matter. These moments of transition are ripe with opportunities for client empowerment and building trust at the nervous system level.  New and seasoned practitioners are invited to join us for an exploration of simple, powerful tools for opening and closing sessions. 

Teaching from decades of clinical, somatic experience, Beth Dennison will share her favorite potent practices for orienting sessions towards embodiment, empowerment and trust. Enliven yourself as a practitioner with new tools. Work with your clients on a nervous system level.  Learn a respectful opening dialogue exploring body awareness and safety, two collaborative mirroring practices, and integrative closure questions.

What You Can Expect:

These practices are powerful, efficient and multi-layered. Use them to:

  • Invite Embodiment: Establish norms/possibilities for safe embodiment from an initial session onward. This is more important now than ever, as we work so much online where we can tend to separate our minds from our body awareness.  
  • Cultivate Embodied Relating: Learn language and structure for inviting people to relate authentically, nervous system to nervous system.
  • Give the Body a Voice: Provide a respectful structure so the body can speak and we can listen. 
  • Build Trust: Our clients need to trust us, but more importantly, they  need to trust themselves. Use this beginning practice to make a strong statement that prioritizing safety is a core value of your practice.  
  • Assess and Meet your Clients: Many healing practices are intended to increase our capacity for healthy relating. We can do this in session, from beginning to end.
  • Address Hierarchy: Give your clients the gift of modeling authentic peer relationships while also serving your role and responsibility as therapist.

“It’s great that Beth’s methods are not an ‘all-or-nothing’ type of participation. I appreciated the safe and non-judgmental environment.” ~ L.M.

Beth Dennison

Beth brings 50 years of teaching, psychotherapy, bodywork and study of neuroscience, including Polyvagal theory, to designing learning experiences that rewire our brains for connection and co-regulation. She models the embodiment she teaches. 

Her groundbreaking book on Body Up! Co-Regulation provides a much needed remedy to the disconnection and dysregulation that pervade modern culture. She developed Body Up! Co-Regulation to rewire our nervous systems for peer relationships. We need to trust peer relationships if we are to get off of the hierarchical ladder of oppression.

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