Polyvagal Theory and Body Up! Co-Regulation – Workshop Registration [September 22, 6- 9 PM]



Get more connected, engaged and embodied with the people you see online.

A Workshop of Collaborative Regulation
A well regulated nervous system can adapt to the task at hand, be it rest, action, communication, or relating. A body that can regulate can relax, act, play, feel, create and connect.

What can be expected:
• Learn core principles for feeling connected nervous system to nervous system on the internet.

• Try out collaborative, embodied practices for connecting online and in-person.

Explore boundary muscles –  so you can get closer and still feel safe. 

• Make friends with your social nervous system.

• Explore shifting your nervous system out of threat responses.

• Explore strategies to shift states on purpose, when you want to.

• Learn two simple principles for dissolving shame.

We will connect as a group on Zoom, and also use break out rooms to practice in pairs and 4s. You will need internet, a computer or tablet with internet and Zoom downloaded, and a private space. The bigger the screen the more possibility for co-regulation, no phones.


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